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How I Work

I might ask questions like: What does doing what you do mean to you? What kind of leader are you? How might other people describe you? What do you love about what you do? What really frustrates you? How much does your learning and development matter?

If any of these questions made you stop and think, what do you notice about your responses? Are these things you’ve thought about before, or much at all?

Coaching is a relationship that begins with you. But it doesn’t stop there. I help you reach further into yourself in order to engage more fully with the world around you.


Coaching helps you see how you work with others, what your strengths and talents are, and where you have blind spots. It sharpens your understanding of what you think, how you feel and how you interpret your surrounding culture and environment. Together we explore how your current personal and world views both help and hinder your latent potential.

I’m Kirsty Leishman. Thank you for visiting my website. I wonder what brings you to it? How does development interest you?

Here are a few very different types of leader who I have been asked to work with in the last six months.

  • An operations director, recently promoted to an executive role, whose challenge is to broaden her influence across the business.

  • An experienced executive who has joined a new company and wants to be really clear about what he is bringing to his new role.

  • An ambitious young high flyer who has recently been promoted to manage a team of seasoned experts.

  • A senior public and voluntary sector leadership group figuring out how to work together.

Kirsty talks about working with leaders

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