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Executive Coaching

“Kirsty sets a benchmark through her insights into how other people do things. She offers a different context and access to a greater database of leadership [experience] that’s not available in the company.”


“Kirsty was a catalyst in my accomplishment of some significant professional milestones during a critical stage on my leadership journey.”


A few months ago, a CEO and I reviewed one of her key new strategies. She remarked afterwards that our review had helped her realise that the strategy, although a “thing of beauty”, was “worthy only of a place in a museum” because “it is owned by no one else but me.”

Put yourself in her shoes for a moment. Think about a pressing issue that is on your mind; something you need to progress, resolve or at least bring to a better state. Who else is involved? What conversations have you had with them?

Now think about your relationships with each person involved. What do you notice? How much might your current relationship with each person be helping or hindering the task in hand?

People sometimes worry that coaching might “turn me into someone I’m not.”  I see the opposite happening. The clearer you become about who you are – what’s important to you, where your strengths and beliefs lie – the more confident, effective and engaging you become. It’s like a dance. The better you know your steps, the more comfortably you’ll move around.

“This has been the most useful discussion I’ve had for a long time.”


“As my coach, Kirsty has been an inspiration to me. She picked up nuggets from our conversations and challenged my beliefs. This was key to enabling me to make shifts that resulted in desired outcomes. She role-models professionalism that is balanced with an inherent caring ethos.”


Someone said to me recently that our coaching conversations were safe places for thinking aloud. I listen to you so that you can hear yourself, and that clears the mind. I enquire. A deft question can unlock otherwise closed doors. Together, we identify what is important for you and for your organisation to accomplish from coaching.

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